Queens Ridge, The Next Set

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you’ll recognise this large, beautiful condominium building on Rampart Boulevard. As mentioned in the previous post, I took a different route home from another pharmacy run.

I pulled into an empty public bus pullout and snapped these photos. If you want to live in this building, you will need about one million and more for some of the condos. As with many things in Las Vegas, it’s going to cost you a very pretty penny!

Sun Coast Casino

On the way home from the pharmacy today, I took a longer way home through some wonderful areas in Summerlin with large, beautiful homes. Even the many roundabouts were beautifully landscaped! No photos as I pretty much need to keep my eyes on the road. Along the way, I went through the parking area for the Sun Coast Hotel and Casino.

I had to take a photo of the blocked off and closed parking area. Still closed. As far as I am aware of via searching local media here, the Strip will begin reopening sometime this June. It will be great to see everything back up and running yet so sad because of the thousands of lives lost around the world to this evil thing.

Same Backup, Different Day

On the way to you guessed it! Another ride to the pharmacy, this construction behind the blind has been going on for about two months now. Why? This construction zone creates a situation where people have to wait through two full cycles to get past Charleston Boulevard. I wonder if the city will refund people for wasted fuel and aggravated nerves? Yeah right! 😎


A couple years ago, I stood in the center of the road for this photo as cars were approaching behind me. Not smart, John! The dangerous things photographers do for the shot… 👻

A Painted Sunset

The clouds provided a bit better sunset last night though I did start a bit early. The clouds were changing rapidly so I grabbed these, soon after, this was all gone. Regarding the editor, my editor has not changed, it still looks exactly the same this morning. Perhaps the change won’t happen until later today? I hope not, to heck with your block, WordPress!

A Samurai Inside The Bellagio

Taken about four years ago, I was lucky to capture this very nice display in the Lobby of our beautiful Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The beautiful glass designs on the ceiling are indeed Chihuly Glass! I will visit there again when the Corona virus is gone.

You Can Opt-Out

Before it goes away, click the Read More link in your admin area regarding that damn block editor that is being forced down our throats. You can opt-out and still use your classic editor if you wish, which is exactly what I will do. Here’s a screenshot:

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Here are some photos of the inside and outside of the ranch proper at the park. These Nikon photos are about three years old. I used my HDR app, as usual, to spiff them up. The park offers nice hiking trails and some picnic areas, some have charcoal grilles installed near the picnic tables. It’s a very nice place for a family visit to tire the kids out so they will sleep haha!

The Sorta Sunset

A sorta kinda a sunset from yesterday eve, maybe tonight will offer up something more flashy. Our weather will be just a bit cooler today with 98F instead of 105 yesterday, I can feel the difference. After getting out of bed, I usually step outside to get a sense of the weather. This morning was another fabulous morning with a soft gentle breeze and a perfect temperature.

At The Ceiling

In this photo, the DJI Drone was at its max 400-foot limit and not too far below the cloud ceiling. You are looking northeast with Las Vegas many miles away.

A Late Day Glow

This photo was taken a few weeks ago in the backyard, it took some work to get it to look like it has a glow or softness. Today I want to take a drive, probably into the desert since It’s been a long time now but I have a package delivery coming today that should have shown up yesterday. Package tracking is a good thing, but it can work against the shippers. I do not want to leave this package outside due to the content so I may not get that run in today, bummer!

Getting Your Angles Correct

I found this photo buried deep in the archive a bit ago, it was taken when my kitchen cabinets were being replaced last year. That was a chunk of money which I don’t understand because there isn’t physically very much material involved. So why not ramp up the labor costs?!!


It sucks to see the new Nikon Z6 on the coffee table day after day.

I’m threatening myself to get in the truck and head out! Maybe there’s nothing to worry about just riding around in my truck and not going into stores as I’m only on a ‘photo hunt’ as I sometimes call them. A ride to the other side of the Spring Mountains to Pahrump sounds nice. This photo was taken a week or two back with my tiny Sony RX-100 pocket camera…

The Vanishing Road

This photo started in color, after playing with it in the HDR app I couldn’t get the look I have in my head. OK then, grayscale it will be. Nearer to the bluff many miles west is the fifteen freeway, or Interstate 15 which runs north-south. Go south, hello Las Vegas! Go north, Reno!

I was on the way home from the Valley Of Fire. To arrive at this view, you must go through several tight and sweeping curves that are fun to drive even in a truck. The road just vanishes…

Double My Heat!

Some like it hot, some not. It’s really hot outside today to the point that I will wait until dark or until the morning to attempt to reconnect my garden hose in the backyard. The damn threads have all but been stripped by previous owners of the home, hence I may have to have a plumber out to replace it since I’m not good with that stuff.

It doesn’t help either that the wall may need to be cut out around the pipe as the spigot is at the wall. That was a stupid move by someone many years ago. Why not change the other spigot too? At least it isn’t buried in the stucco!

Anyway, this pot of chili isn’t as hot as the previous pot I made but it will leave your mouth burning for a couple of minutes when you are done! Friday is supposed to be as hot as today, then a cooling trend into the nineties!!


Today I strapped the mask back on my skull and headed for Albertsons for some provisions, my cupboards were looking a bit thin! Of course, I grabbed the ingredients for chili! No photo of that yet. It will have it’s standard six hours slow-cook time at 7:30 tonight, yum!!

The Tut Returns

He’s been dead for thousands of years now but he has once again returned to this space with some new processing! Those magnificent Pharaohs, so impressive…

Below are the lyrics to Steve Martin’s legendary song.

King Tut (King Tut)
Now when he was a young man
He never thought he’d see (King Tut)
People stand in line to see the boy king. (King Tut)

How’d you get so funky? (Funky Tut)
Did you do the monkey?
Born in Arizona
Moved to Babylonia (King Tut)

(King Tut) Now, if I’d known
They’d line up just to see him, (King Tut)
I’d taken all my money
And bought me a museum. (King Tut)

Buried with a donkey (Funky Tut)
He’s my favorite honkey!
Born in Arizona
Moved to Babylonia (King Tut)

Dancin by the Nile, (Disco Tut)
The ladies love his style, (Boss Tut)
Rockin for a mile (Rockin’ Tut)
He ate a crocodile. (Ooh)

He gave his life for tourism. (King Tut)

Chicken Food

I woke up this morning knowing what was for breakfast! I’ve got to hit the grocer today as my food stocks are a bit low. And that is the extent of my plans today…


These photos were taken from the patio of my old apartment about three or so years ago. I have some better software these days so I put it to work on these photos.

Pigeons can be pretty too…