Mountains and Lakes

Two views for you, one of four man-made lakes, and a view of the Summerlin Peaks. Powerboats are not allowed on the man-made lakes as the lakes are slender, and I suspect the risk of wave damage to the shorelines is in play. That’s too bad as there are fish planted in the lakes, and the water quality seems to be very high too.

As far as I am aware, only the locals refer to the peaks, or foothills as the Summerlin Peaks. Many miles northwest of what you see in the photo are Fletcher Peak and Mount Charleston, both at just under twelve thousand feet. I think one of these mountains is visible from the far east area of the valley, but not at my place!

Burger Bites

Good eve! One last upload today, this was today’s yummy lunch. The meat had been in the fridgy a bit too long but was still good to go, so in the pan they go. It’s still too hot to use the backyard grill at one hundred three degrees. Burgers and chicken always taste best on the grill, don’t they? More so when you use an old fashioned charcoal grill. G’nite! Be well and safe.

Photo Creations

Good afternoon, five of these images are new, the rest are pulled down from the archive and given a ton of crazy processing. Call me bored at home! I’m heading for the bank and a party store soon for some adult refreshments for this eve, I hope your Monday has been a good day.