Intake Towers at Hoover Dam

If Lake Mead were at it’s full depth, only a small portion on the four intake towers would be visible, but Lake Mead hasn’t been full since sometime during the 1980’s. Pretty sad isn’t it? Don’t get on about that global warming, it’s not true.

Earth is doing exactly what God intended it to do. Warm and cool, all by itself over the eons of time. In time, Lake Mead will fill again when the drought breaks. Until then, conserve water Las Vegas! And America too of course.

The Wall

The main face, or front of Hoover Dam is so impressive as you can see by these shots. To stand atop and look downward is to understand the size and grandeur of Hoover Dam.

This amazing structure supplies Las Vegas with it’s  electricity as well as other states. A heart felt thank you to the men who built this beautiful structure long ago, and did so with much less technology than we have today. A testament to the determination of humans.

Winged Figures of the Republic

Here are a couple snaps from Hoover Dam today (again)! This link will give you information on this great monument (the dam), dedicated in 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt. Apologies should I have got the history screwed up, but it was nice to get the photos I wanted the first time I brought the Nikon here. Good quality lenses are with the cash…