Engine Block

At one of our stops on the antique car tour I saw this old engine block torn down a good bit. The iPhone’s capture of it worked well this time, more so with some processing.

A Georgia Cotton Field

I snapped this iPhone photo on the fly during the antique car tour in 2015, the field looks much nicer with your eyes! So much white. 🥰 I had to crop the image hence it’s an odd shape…

Lockdown Meals

I frequently forget about photos taken with the iPhone, here are three taken a few days ago. Lockdown food! My spell check doesn’t like the words Lock and Down put together but I disagree with that! Lock Down or Lockdown? Now for the gourmet food!

The Beautiful Silo

I completely understand this farm life image. On the old car tour we passed this beautiful painting on the sides of three silos, my one regret today is that I didn’t have a Nikon in hand for the shot. A ‘modern’ iPhone just can’t equal the Nikon. iPhone photo taken in Georgia 2015.

On The Homestead

Things you see on an old homestead way back when. More iPhone photos taken in 2015 in Georgia. This place is a historic, registered homestead in Georgia. The windmill was taken at another stop along our way, I managed to have it look rather ancient. Or did I mess it up too?!!