Tuning The Nikon Settings

A bit ago I pulled the Nikon off the shelf after using the Sony camera for a couple days or so. I thought why not dig into the menu and alter some of the settings? Before this, I found a great video on the Nikon website specifically for my Z6 model. A professional photographer had a very informative thirty-minute video about how he sets up his Zed6 Nikon. This is, of course, not my first time digging around the menu system and altering its settings.

After viewing the video, I went into my Z6 and changed four of the settings to those that the professional photographer uses. I was already shooting in the camera’s P Mode which he uses. I changed the ISO mode a bit as well as the focus method and autofocus settings too. I shot some indoor photos, deleted them, and went to the backyard for these photos. The natural light is so nice to shoot in which I prefer. Howdy do, Wilson!

The weather today has been so freaking beautiful!

When Files Vanish

Occasionally when I drop files into a folder on the MacBook laptop, they simply vanish, or so I thought. Why the hell this happens I have no idea, but it’s rather aggravating. While transferring 300+ MP3 files to a new flash drive this morning, I found these older photos I took in the mountains several weeks ago. Well, I have them so why not repost them? I’m sure another trip up there will come when it gets scorching hot way down here in the valley!

Perhaps A House Finch?

I photographed this sweet little bird yesterday in Calico Basin. My best guess after searching online is that he/she is a House Finch. In any case, these little birds are so sweet, they make me happy inside! Do you know its name?

Cute Critters and Lovely Views

As mentioned yesterday, I did take a short trip just outside of the city this morning. Your thoughts on the landscape photos using the Sony Mark 7 are most welcome. I also stopped at Calico Basin with peanuts in hand to feed the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. They are just so cute!

The little squeaks they make to communicate are cute too. At one point, they were literally at my feet, sniffing my shoes then looking right up at me as if to ask me if I have more food. It makes you feel so happy to have such sweet, innocent tiny critters trust you that much.

The Strip

Here’s a shot of the Las Vegas Strip from yesterday via the Sony RX100 Mark 7. The smog was basically non-existent yesterday which was nice for a change. I give the camera yet another two-thumbs up. What about you?

The Next Set

Here is another set from the Sony RX100 Mark 7. Much of the same things I’ve posted before unfortunately, but it’s a nice test for the camera. I plan to take the camera and my tripod into the desert tomorrow for a few landscape photos, maybe I can find some Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels in Calico Basin too. For the most part, I’m very impressed with how well these photos cleaned up in processing! I almost feel like a pro, haha. 10 photos in this set.