A Tattoo Update:

As of last night, this is how my re-inked fifteen year old tattoo is looking, looking great so far! This link shows how the tattoo looked the day it was redone. It’s been an itchy and stinging journey but not an unexpected journey… The colours have fell off just slightly.

Christ In The Desert

Along Sahara Avenue on the west side of the valley you’ll pass this smallish church with Christ at the top. I’ve photographed this image before but this version of it is the best yet and was even taken whilst moving eastbound on Sahara! I urge you kiddies to never, ever photograph and drive but always be sure your lenses are clean before you leave. 😉

The Flow Of Traffic

Stop – Go – Stop -Go pretty well sums up the traffic flow around here most days but it depends on where you are too of course. So it is within any large city. These are drive-by photos, taken while stopped in the truck or under way. Never driven-n-shoot but be sure your lens is clean before you go.


Following along with my previous post of the desert floor, directly behind me you couldn’t see the edge of the Wash I was standing in. A Wash is just a fancy name for the runoff channels the rains use but they can be very dangerous. Standing near the edge of one which has compromised solidity could land you in a heap of trouble. If you look closely, you can see a basically flat spot on top of one of these chunks. This flat area was the hard top surface of the desert floor in this immediate area.

The washes and other forces are constantly rearranging this place just as anywhere else I suppose. Pick up a rock and examine it. Notice the different colours and striations of these rocks which were once at the bottom of a shallow sea which once covered this state and other southwest states over two hundred million years ago. Walking here is truly walking in a time capsule.

On The Desert Floor

With the iPhone since my Nikon wanted to take leave of shooting photos but I did get it going again. Why is it that a 16G SD card with two images on it, tells me that the card is full? The world may never know or give a shit but all I had to do was reformat the SD card, then everything was groovy. If I’d have had a bunch of images on the card, it wouldn’t have been reformatted.

Sometime today I need to go visit each of my followers and say thank you for following me. I really appreciate that. And this new site is already nearing one thousand views which is super cool and super surprising to me as well. All of this is due to an attempt to go self-hosted. Please take my advice, if your considering doing that, think long and hard on it because it could cost you…