Party Stores & Bad Flushes

If your a West Coast resident reading this, you may not understand the title. I found that out in due time living here near the West Coast. My Ex is/was from California and she didn’t have a clue what I was talking about which was really funny for me. Here, some folk call them a Circle K or whatever else. Want a Soda? Want a Pop? Or a Soda Pop?

I get a kick from the dialect differences in many different regions of the States. It’s the same way in England too as I’ve gleaned from many TV programs. Anyway, behold a real life party store in the Mojave. Hehe. I hope your impressed!

On another note, I recently purchased a men’s ring for my right hand, using the same finger you’d use for a wedding ring. I purchased the ring about two weeks ago and in time noted that the ring was just a tiny bit too large, one half of one size actually. During the time I wore it, it almost fell into a junk food bag I was crunching down but I noticed the ring before it went into the bag.

Whew! Next time, the ring actually flopped off my finger and went boing boing doink doink across my apartment with it’s hard floors. Carpet sucks. So that was easily retrieved… But not this beautiful, gloriously sunny morning in the valley of the sun. Nope. Without getting into too much detail, let’s just say the the lever on the toilet had already been pushed down… Yep.

My beautiful new ring, a treat for me, is somewhere between my apartment and God knows where… Damn. I went to the jewelry store to ask them to cancel the order I’d placed for a resized ring. In the process, one of the nice galls suggested that I contact my Insurance company which I promptly did. I walked into my local Insurance office armed with the needed paperwork. Long story short, I received a call from an Adjuster rather quickly and went through the questions. Be bloody honest…

My ring is not insured because of the way it was lost, something they call suspicious.

Yeah, I get it. It does indeed sound suspicious. The man told me that this same thing has happened so many people over the years he’s been an Insurance adjuster. I believe him but it’s no consolation for the fact that although this was a complete and total accident, I basically flushed almost $1000.00 down the effing shitter. But let’s be positive here. Positively not poopy! My bills are paid, there’s a roof over my head and so many other blessings. I’m not letting a poopy thing ruin my sunny day! Dammit!

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