The Gold Strike Hotel & Casino

The Gold Strike Hotel & Casino is located in tiny Jean, Nevada. It had been a while since I last stopped by this place so why not take a long drive south of the big city? I was surprised to find the old cars in the casino. They are indeed the actual cars and other vehicles that were featured in the big movies we remember from days gone by. It’s exciting for me to see the real deal. The Delorean Auto died before it’s time.

The casino proper isn’t very large and it appeared that the little auto show I just mentioned was actually in what was once part of the casino proper. The smell in the casino was no more or less than any other I’ve been in, here in Nevada. The usual smoky smell but it’s made more tolerable by whatever method each casino employs. The food offerings are OK if you like Denny’s which is a nationwide chain.

There were one or two other restaurants in there  but I can’t recall the names. I didn’t see any serious security going on other than the ten thousand cameras you always see in a casino. I’m talking about those large police officers with real guns in real holsters. I’m really surprised that I didn’t see them visible to the public. After the recent shooting at the Mandalay Bay, you’d think that all casino-hotel operations would be better prepared. What a world  we live in these days – it ain’t 1970’s America.

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