The Bogus Campsite

Yesterday whilst walking in the desert I met up with a stranger named Lucy. I’d seen Lucy and her black and white dog walking this same area several weeks ago. We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit. She mentioned a place where she saw a presumably abandoned camp site near the little two lane road.

I thought about checking this out yesterday and had a quick look this morning. No big deal obviously. The bag contains a popup tent that’s had lots of use. Also there were several empty Pork & Beans cans along with two litre pop bottles and cans. That’s bullshit. I may head out there Monday, grab all that shit and take it back home to the bin. I’m not a native Nevadan yet appear to care more for the Mojave Desert!

A possible sad truth here though is that a homeless person has been staying here on and off. Lord I hope not! Las Vegas has so many homeless folks and that bothers me. I’m NOT patting myself on the back by stating that when I see a person begging with a sign right along the road, or around businesses, I’ll purchase food and drink for them and hope they are still there which is usually the case. Or I’ll give them cash if I have it. Well, sorry for the short rant, these photos make me think about that subject…

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  1. I’m not sure how to feel in this situation. We have homeless in my small town. I leave a bag on the dumpster lid handle of cans to recycle for money, coats, gloves and a few things from time to time rather than donate, I leave hoping to save the cost of Goodwill or Salvation Army. Take care, Robin

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    • I was purchasing a bit of extra food when ordering at a fast food joint and would give the extra away in a separate bag. The last time I did this, I saw the same man I gave the food to the day before, being asked some questions by our Las Vegas Metro PD. Apparently, he was doing some unsavory things. I disco tinted the food. The police here get after the Vagrants as they call them, with fervor.


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