Art At The Bellagio

After having snapped several photos of this artwork, a nice woman tending the display informed me that photos of the artwork are frowned upon. But sometimes she looks the other way she said. Well, I snapped about nine different photos of these beautiful pieces of art but couldn’t really process them, such tough photos to work with but if I’d have used the flash it may have been better. So, I made this one photo black and white.

Also, I am going out of town in a few days for my yearly trip to Michigan for the family Christmas which we have early every year. When I return, I plan on visiting a different Hotel for some photos, hopefully with the Nikon but that may be pushing it! These casinos really don’t like photographers pointing their cameras everywhere! I’m also considering reducing the number of times per week I upload my photos, seems I’m just too prolific with posting. Your thoughts? 🤔

About John

John is a native Michigander, he's 56 years young and retired. I've been using since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side and spend a great deal of time in WordPress and Instagram. It's a photo obsession... Thanks for visiting.

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