It Took Millenia

To create the beautiful mountains and valleys which surround the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. In some of these photos, you can see layers of rock, rocks and Caliche. The ledges are created by the Wash, which is where the flood waters rush through during the Monsoon Season. The water flow is fast and dangerous both out here in the open desert as well as in the city itself.

The rocks and desert you see are ancient. Two hundred million years ago, the American desert southwest was underwater in a shallow sea. There are fossils and petrified ancient seafloor everywhere if you know what to look for. I’ve fancied since I was a child what it would be like to snap your fingers and instantly return to what this are was like those many millions of years ago.

What I mean to say is that it would be wonderful to see the Earth in many different places as it was so long ago. Maybe this is odd thinking but it’s one of the weird ways my brain works! I hope the actual depth of the Wash is visible to you both from above and below.

The Mojave Desert contains so much incredible beauty with it’s many layers and colours, mountains and valleys.. Should you visit Las Vegas, please do try to visit our beautiful surrounding desert!

3 thoughts on “It Took Millenia

    1. Awesome! I’ve fancied geology for a long time, moving to Las Vegas gave me a beautiful example every day of how the millennia will change the face of Earth. Earth wears many faces!


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