Yeah, a messed up name or word but that’s pretty much what I saw this eve. During TV commercials, it’s a routine thing for me to have a quick break outside of my tiny mansion on the tiny patio. Not a Balcony which is what my neighbours have upstairs, duh. I’m standing there in my T shirt, sweats and house shoes and sipping a cold one. I hear soft voices. Ummm, eh?

About two seconds later I spied a man and woman, middle aged I suppose who were huddled together, obviously over a device. I turned around to look the other way wanting to avoid anything. The whispering continued. I became concerned, hey man, this is MY tiny front yard! After several seconds, I turned to find the woman looking square at me but not face to face of course.

After a few more seconds, I turned and inched to the opposite side of my patio and leaned in a bit, trying to see what these two are up to. No, not cool on my part but regardless, what are these folks up to here? I saw a glimpse of the screen. There is no doubt for me that these two are up to no good. They are attempting to find an open WiFi Router. Yeah. Well….

Good effing luck suckers. My pass codes are incredibly difficult. The odd element here for me is that just today I added another security camera to my residence. The entire place is covered with video surveillance. Who knows. It’s more likely a random happenstance. Yet I can’t help but be a bit suspicious of this occurrence. One thing is certain – I’m not living in Podunk these days…

Wikipedia on Piggybacking.

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