At Red Rock Canyon

A set of ten photos taken at Red Rock Canyon proper earlier today. I’d have stopped to get some photos looking down into the actual canyon itself but every parking space was taken, as it was at the next parking area. They (park rangers) are very strict about parking only in the designated parking areas! So I moved on but darn I wanted to stop.

Too bad I can’t walk down there but I’d need a stretcher to get back up with my heart condition remembered. Anyway, I’ve got more photos of rocks for you. Are you tired of seeing my rocks! More to come in this set. I took a couple shots with the iPhone to send to my daughter back in Michigan. She loves the scenery here and is so tired of another Michigan winter. Me too…

7 thoughts on “At Red Rock Canyon

    1. Oh yes, much warmer here even at low to mid forties at night. Daytime we have fifties or sixties recently. There are different types of rock in this immediate area, both sandstone and limestone. Some photos show both types and if you look closely you may find imprints of ancient seashells. This area was a shallow sea, 200 million years ago. Love my adopted desert home!


        1. Rain is rare here to be sure but recently we had a two day rain that came from a huge low pressure from the Pacific Northwest. Cold and wet. I liked it as it reminded me of my home state of Michigan where two day rains are not uncommon.

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