Landscapes Around Lake Mead

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been wanting to make the run north to Overton again since it was sometime last year that I made the long drive. Following the length of Lake Mead, I head north inside the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It’s about forty five miles from where I enter the Rec area to Overton. Maybe a bit more. I’m much happier with the giant collection of photos I snapped on this trip! Over the next few days or whatever, I’ll process them and upload. I hope you’ll stick around!

Today’s weather was totally gorgeous. Mostly sunny with temperatures in the low to mid seventies. Perfect! A great day for this extended run. Along the path, I had some nice chats with totally random folks which is something I really enjoy. Especially since I live alone! That’s another topic. It’s always fun to find out where people I meet are from. Today’s batch brought a biker dude who’s been in Las Vegas since 1973 and is from Detroit, a city that I’m rather well acquainted with!

The other fella had Caly tags on his ride but is from Wisconsin. I seem to bump into native Michiganders like myself most anywhere I go! Some are refugees from the bitter weather as I am. All told, this was the perfect day for this trip. I have a method it seems to me for determining when these trips will happen with regard to the weather. I want sunshine when I shoot. Others prefer overcast which is totally fine of course. Landscapes always look best when well illuminated in my humble opinion.

I’ll wait a few days, carefully checking the forecast for sunshine content. Today was just enough. But seeing that 74 degrees register somewhere along the road in my truck was a sweet treat! Cold sucks. Hot is good! The warmer it gets here, the better I feel. A couple side items for ya – my truck has a bigger V-6 engine and used a bit over one quarter tank for this run, not too bad really. And I also found out that I qualified for a National Parks pass which gets me into any national park and some others at no charge.

Unfortunately, I have to have three blown discs in my lower back for the privilege. I had no idea about this until I started leaving my blue handicap tag hanging from the rear view mirror. Perhaps the heart issue also would qualify but whatever. I hope your Monday has been a good Monday wherever you may be today.

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