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A couple photos of things nearby. There’s always something new to capture around Las Vegas, I’ve previously posted the horse and building in Downtown Summerlin before but these seem like better versions. So it’s another Sunday morning and I’m in full couch potato mode, ready for puck drop as the Golden Knights take on the Washington Capitals. Hey, it’s way too early!

Way too early for hockey! A morning game in the NHL is from my experience a very uncommon thing and is likely due as far as I know to that damn football game later. Sorry if that irks you but I have never been a fan of football. Even less so after the whole Kneeling thing and other nonsense. Ludicrous sums of money. I allow NHL Hockey as the only exception as hockey is so much better!

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  1. Las Vegas is known for nightclubs and bars but it surely is also a place for creative individuals?

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    • I can’t say for sure but being that their are two million people in this city, it’s probable that there are such people here! I’m certainly not here for the gambling and nightlife…

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  2. A strange contrast this modern construction silhouetted against the mountain. A sharp impact with nature. After all, Las Vegas to have been born where there was nothing, seems to me, so it would be a very difficult task to integrate it into the landscape.
    All in all, therefore, better a sharp contrast, than bad attempts at architectures that cannot refer to any existing style. 😀

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    • The desert will kill you in summer very quickly with the heat. Summer temps average 105+ every day at mid summer. The landscaping overall is wonderful, the city blends as much as possible.

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      • 105 degrees? But how can your live there?

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        • Air conditioning! But plenty of people work outdoor in this heat, you do acclimate to it. I have, anything below 70 degrees F makes me cold! I worked in the heat here before, drink a boat load of water, and take breaks.

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        • Excuse me, I had not calculated that 105 degrees Fahrenheit are about 41 degrees Celsius, which is the measurement of the temperature that we use in Italy, so I already understand it.

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        • No worries. Which is darn hot! Regardless of being so dry, the heat is still dangerous if you get dehydrated and other things.

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        • Surely yes, it’s very hot. Too much. Unfortunately now also in Italy during the summer, it reaches over 40 ° C, the climate has changed a lot and even the air conditioning contributes to the rise of global warming. The glaciers are melting and in 60/70 years our poor Earth will no longer exist, I believe we have reached the point of no return.


  3. Delightful contrast between the two photos, John. Very nicely done, sir!

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