Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel

Frequently you will see these adorable little Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels scurrying about when walking the desert around Red Rock Canyon. These little cuties have a very wide range, they also live in states north of Las Vegas. I made these photos while having a nice chat with a man about cars, trucks and engines whilst he fed the squirrels peanuts. It’s so cute to watch them come running back for another treat, then if you listen closely you may hear the peanut being chewed up – so cute!! Gotta love this desert!

About John

John is a native of Michigan, 57 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I spend a great deal of time on WordPress and Instagram - It's a photo and blogging obsession... Thanks for visiting my humble photoblog.

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