A Father’s Love

At six AM sharp this morning, my phone pinged off, waking me up from a deep sleep. Who receives phone calls at six AM? Not me, not usually so the way my head works I assumed that something shitty had happened back east with my family. Thank God I was totally wrong! What happened? I’d had a text chat with my dad a few days back, he had been trying to reach me for three days and texting usually works great. So he called. Yeah dad, I’m fine! Not sure why the phone hasn’t been working so I’ll go to my phone company store today and ask some questions. But it’s so nice to feel the family love from so far away from – home.

2 thoughts on “A Father’s Love

    1. John Post author

      Thank you Indah! Dad and I had another phone call later today on all that and more. I did check on things with the phone, it’s not messed up. My dad was not doing something right. He will be 90 in April, my sister and her husband are planning a surprise birthday for him at his residence in Michigan. Not sure how they are going to plan this! It’s really tough some days living here in Vegas by myself but I don’t wanna go back to Michigan, too damn cold!



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