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The weather here in Las Vegas has been seriously shitty the last three or more days with being much colder than normal, and a near constant wind blowing. It even spat a few flakes of snow around my area of the valley for a brief period yesterday. While I’ve seen this before, it doesn’t mean that I was happy to see the little white bastards floating about. Snow is a four letter word…

These days, snow is a bad word and the cold wind is not my friend. It makes me wonder if I should perhaps leave Las Vegas for west central Florida where it’s been much warmer. Oh but, we don’t have hurricanes here in Las Vegas. So scratch that idea! I’m seriously looking forward to the return of the summer heat!

That said, I’ve not really felt like heading out and about on a photo hunt because of the cold weather so this is what you get! I photographed these awesome bikes several months ago at the Red Rock Overlook which is along Charleston Boulevard very near Red Rock Canyon proper. It was windy was hell and threatening a bit of rain that day, hence when I squat down for one of these photos, I was literally blown over. It was embarrassing but oh well. I still got the shot!

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  1. those bikes really caught my eye. And guess what? We hit 80 degrees this week – LOL! It’s supposed to be snowing here! Mother Nature is surely confused these days. 🙂

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  2. How about 10°F (-12°C)? That’s what we have in Bavaria right now and an even colder wind, so it feels more like -20°C …

    BTW like the bikes … and you’re happy not have had our temperatures when taking the shot. 😉

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