The Front Side

This is a difficult building to photograph! The sunshine was also reflecting all around me and on the palms and shrubbery giving them all a wonderful golden glow. My next visit will be next door to the Mandalay at the Luxor Hotel and resort. I gladly saw nothing to do with the evil that was perpetrated here late last year.

5 thoughts on “The Front Side

  1. HaHa I got fooled by the title. When I saw The front Side, I was thinking the grand stand of a the race track. ( race track lingo, back side is where workers and horses are, front side is where betting and races take place.)
    The shape of the building looked like the gate the horses load into. You can tell I am old race tracker.

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        1. My father has friends in Florida that took us to the racetrack once. It was interesting having never been to such a thing before. I got a kick out of the older woman who invited us – she seems to be there more for the drinks!


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