Childhood Memories

Growing up on this beautiful lake has been a treasured memory for me all of my life. There were sailboat races every Sunday, skiing, swimming, snorkeling and ice skating in winter to name only a few of the great things we did as children here. I had several friends from different areas of the lake of which we would cross the lake in winter to hang out or boat across in summer.

Family get-togethers, too many family members have sadly left this life but the memories will last a lifetime. Snowmobiles were not allowed on the lake, nor were outboard engines due to the restrictions in place as this was and still is to this day, a private lake with no public access. Hence, the rules were and are enforced by what is now the City of Lake Angelus.

They have their own police force consisting of two or so officers, no more are needed really. Many of my friends from these early days circa 1968 through 1979 were friends continuing through Elementary school, Junior High school (now called middle school?) and High school. Unfortunately, life took us all on our separate ways but that’s life – a never-ending twisting road.

That’s looking back. In the here-and-now, I’d never have thought I’d be living here in beautiful Las Vegas. Michigan was always going to be home and native state. Then came the third wife (and final) who whisked me away from my homeland. I was shown that there are other ways and warmer places to live. So here sit I, mostly alone but happier these days for the freedoms both for me and the improved finances. I’m sort of retracing my life here in a roundabout way I guess but that’s a good thing once in a while…

These are iPhone 7 photos from August, 2017

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  1. Very impressive iPhone shots, John! Thanks for sharing your memories.

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