A Three Mile Hike

Yes! For me, a three mile hike is a solid accomplishment considering a weak heart and three blown Lower Lumbar discs. Never let health issues like this stop you from living life! I met a few really nice folks out there this morning, several from Ohio. It was windy as hell!

The couple from Ohio said they’d been to Las Vegas before but were looking for a different experience than the Vegas Strip this time. I told them that’s awesome, there’s so much more to Vegas than the Las Vegas Strip. much more, as my photography reveals.

10 thoughts on “A Three Mile Hike

    1. It’s beautiful! It’s great to talk with tourists like today who got outta the city. And you meet them in the middle of nowhere – awesome. Some days I can barely tolerate the freaking traffic here. Like today but it’s a big city.

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        1. Of course! My place is always nice and chilly in summer thanks to Hoover Dam. And warm in winter. Trust me when I say that during the heat of summer, I’m not the only driver with windows down. It feels really good.

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    1. Thanks, Cher! My feet and legs are barkin’ at me this eve. A hot shower will help. I used the 10-20mm lens for all of those clicks. 😎🌴🌵📷


        1. A couple three days, they will settle. Maybe just one night’s sleep. I don’t use that lens much, paid some good dough for it too so out it comes. Purchased some neutral density filters for this and the zoom lens. Costly hobby aye? Recently sold a 50mm and 35mm Primary, duplicate lenses now.


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