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Thanks for stopping by! Recently, I’ve made some changes to this humble little photoblog, the largest of which was changing the theme itself. I wanted my photos to be at least a bit larger. As always, each photo is clickable for a better look.

I have also cleaned up the About page and updated it as needed but still don’t completely like the way I present the page in terms of text. I have never been any darn good at writing anything including my About page! It’s a bit drab.

A couple days ago, I added a few Widgets to the bottom of the site, It was looking rather barren down there and it’s also space that can be put to better use. Today, I went to work on the Links page and let me tell ya, it was way overdue for a cleaning!

I found several dead links which is a concern with SEO, not that I’m really into that stuff. In all, almost twenty links were taken down from this page. I added a Page Updated too, really meant for me but whatever. Should I take the Links page down?

Also, I’ve had some different header images but removed the header images for now. Somehow they seem too large on this theme, but without, the site seems much more bland. Boy howdy, am I a serious nitpicker or what! It’s enjoyable and relaxing though.

That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it!

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  1. Mine is overdue for some careful ‘pruning’, John, but it keeps getting put on the back burner. I’d rather write (and hope that people don’t notice the less desirable bits 🙂 )


  2. I wanted to comment on your About page, but there was no comment box. By the way, your About page is well written.

    I, too, went through several WordPress blogs — six accounts and ten blogs when you count Blogger. The WP photo blog has actually been relaxing and fun.

    With regards to your updates, a photo blog needs a template that showcases your work. The photography should just pop off the page. That’s why I don’t enable my blog’s sidebar. It’s just a distraction.

    A sidebar causes my eyes to wander. As a viewer, I just want to focus my attention on the content. The sidebar links can be useful to the reader, but they fit nicely in the footer (if the template has a footer section).

    Removing the sidebar expands the width of your blog which creates a larger display for your photos; and there are WP templates that are designed specifically for photo blogs.

    I used to have your template, but didn’t use the sidebar because it creates all that blank space in the content section of the blog. I didn’t like that — two or three feet of sidebar next to … nothing.

    The template should enhance — not distract from — your content. People who are interested in the widgets will find them. Anyway, that’s just my unsolicited two-cents worth.

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    • Thank you for your compliment sir! I’ve struggled with that damned sidebar thing. The previous theme I used didn’t really expand the width of photos.

      Weird theme I guess, but I’ve not tied this theme without the sidebar. And I agree, the photos should be the dominant items on the page. Guess I’ll go try popping the sidebar off the site, see what happens. is rather limited with themes, regardless of all the crappy free themes. But self-hosting is off the table, bad memories from trying it before.


      • I follow a landscape/nature photographer who uses a very compact template with sidebar (which is linked below). His blog is ranked as one of the top blogs in its category, but the template does not do justice to the photographs. Wide landscapes should be viewed on a larger scale, and not constrained by stingy dimensions and sidebar widgets. It works for him, but could benefit from a more appropriate design.

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        • Wow, that theme is so tiny! I tried removing the sidebar from my current theme, all it did was bump things centre, did not enlarge the images. Nor did the old theme I was using, gave it a try too. I also tried a theme supposedly built for photography, I didn’t care for it.


          • Sorry that didn’t work for you. I do prefer not having a distraction (sidebar) in my field of view, or the blank void that appears in the post body as you scroll down the sidebar. If you display 10 (or so) posts per page that should eliminate most of the blank space, but with infinite scroll the sidebar eventually runs out and the blank void simply shifts to the right of your posts. I haven’t found a paid template that works any better, but the free options are still more visually appealing than Blogger.

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