Nothing Spills Here…

Due to the continuing drought here in the American southwest. This spillway has been high and dry since the 1980’s. I would love to see Lake Mead at it’s fullest point! In other big news (haha), it was a very calm morning outside my place this early morning, hence I set out west for the open desert with my drone on the seat.

Nope. After arriving out there, the Creosote bushes were swinging wildly as were a few of the Joshua trees. Dammit! It’s been too windy to fly for several days now, and since my drone is small, it can’t take winds as well as larger craft do. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, my apartment lease will expire in about sixty days. For the last few weeks, I’ve been back and forth in my head about going back to Michigan. Then, the reasons why I’ve chose to stay here these years are partially medical, partially because I can’t stand the cold, gray overcast that is so much a part of Michigan life.

I better stay here! I have to keep in mind that in a very few months, a certain financial obligation will finally be over which will put some good cash back in my account each month. At that time I will be able to start flying up to Michigan every couple of months to spend important time with my kiddies and dad. Be patient…

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  1. As many times as I’ve been in the general area for work, I’m surprised I’ve never gone to Lake Mead. Great write up. Making me want to hit the road.

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  2. Great shots John. Good for you that you can stay where it is warm but will be able to visit Michigan!

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  3. I am glad things are starting to look up for you John, and I really enjoy looking at the shots you take where you are living now.

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  4. Nice images of blue water compared to the rather drab ground of the area. I hope the wind dies down so you can get some flights in. Is if better early in the morning?
    I hope all works out on your decision about staying. I have no desire to return to the east because of the weather. I’m too old for putting up with the snow.

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    • Thank you, Tim. It’s windy and raining today as you probably know, being in California. Mornings can be less windy but I don’t always get up and about early enough. I’ll be staying here in Las Vegas, Tim. I have a heart condition, type 2 diabetes and a blown back which some days doesn’t wanna play. I’m acclimated to life in the Mojave. Michigan is just too cold, damp and dark. Need sunshine!


      • Well John it does appear that you are getting about well and hay that’s fantastic. Michigan would be low on my list as well. Keep going and hopefully the wind will take the opposite approach that you’re taking – quiet down and be inactive.

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  5. Those are great shots as usual! I don’t blame you for not wanting to move away from the sunshine!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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