Chronic Shit

I’m gonna change the theme a bit by telling you a bit about me, if you care to read!

So then, what is chronic here? My blood pressure. About one year ago, my BP simply went kaboom after years of taking just one BP medication. Today, I swallow more pills than I will admit to you. It ain’t cool. Not at all man…

I am also Type Two Diabetic. My A1C for those of you in the know, is below the line of being acceptable. Good management, as with the blood pressure.

I had a good chat with a couple dudes in the desert today, where guys seem to congregate who ride Hogs. Whatever. I’ve rode a hog years ago, badass bikes as always. I told the guy, I never let these diseases stop me from living. He has similar  medical issues. Go forward, move ahead.

It’s been eight years since my Diabetes diagnoses. It has been sixteen years since I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.

Never allow this crap to slow you down man.

Life is good, life is beautiful. Go forward, move ahead.

I’m certainly not looking for sympathy! The goal is to relate to my subscribers! 😎

A quick survey, feel free to ignore if you wish.

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  1. I think, FWIW, it is interesting to hear about what inspires you to take the photos that you do; how did you happen to be in that particular place… stuff like that 🙂

    Getting old(er) is just NOT for sissy’s! Glad to hear you are moving forward because really… what other choice is there?! And THIS is exactly how I came about the name to my blog although I rather like “never allow this crap to slow you down” too! LOL! Definitely good to relate to subscribers! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Jema!

      My viewers/readers/visitors must be getting sick of the lack of content here, my Instagram account gets far more views and comments than my damn blog! Which says I’m doing things wrong… Need more varied content but I don’t know how to produce more. Photos are all I really know, and writing stories and such isn’t an option.

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