Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Today I again visited Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. There is a very good reason for the name, there are fresh water springs popping out of the ground all over this area. One would not usually associate water with the desert but the Spring Mountains have the perfect name. My walk today was roughly two miles total and let me tell ya, my out of shape body is grateful to be back home relaxing on the couch! Oh to be twenty one years young again…

There will be three or four posts ahead from this beautiful state park, I hope you’ll stop by again!

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  1. Watch out for the rattlers and sidewinders.


  2. looks like a nice place to hike. I see steps and grades. Your hike was probably more work than you imagined.

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    • I suppose it could be more work. There aren’t that many steps actually but I was glad for them. Most of the trail is just dirt, stones and rocks. I am working on the photos now on the Mac, really not as good as I’d hoped. Perhaps its the 10-20mm wide-angle for every photo? I had an 18-55mm with me but never popped it on. I usually really like that wide lens…


      • You can’t take every lens you got on a hike. Bring the one you are comfortable with for most shots , I would say. I think they are great.

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        • Me too Kelly, you just can’t get good photos with a phone cam! I usually shoot with the 70-300 lens but wanted to try the 10-20 again. That’s the heaviest lens. Strapping my cam bag over the shoulder isn’t a good deal!


        • That is a heavy lens. I have a Nikon P610
          60 wide optic zoom 4.3-258 mm It has 1:3;3-6.5
          I take on my hikes, it is light weight and give me great shot close up and far off.


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