Lake Harriet at Spring Mountain Ranch

I had been curious to see Lake Harriet inside the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park for some time now as I had heard about the small lake being drained up there. Upon finding out why the lake was drained last year, I was not happy. What happened is that some stupid ass humans visiting the park had deposited unwanted fish as well as turtles, into the lake which became competition for the native specie of extremely rare fish in the lake.

There is only so much food available in this little lake. The native fish were safely removed, then the lake was drained to kill off any other unwanted life in the lake. The lake is spring fed, and the park rangers and county of Clark will see to the refilling of the lake in time. Apparently, the park rangers or Clark County need personnel supervising these idiots at all times. Why the hell would anyone do this? According to this article, doing so is a felony.

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  1. I’m glad that the native fish were saved and that the lake will come back st some point. I share your frustration with the people who did so much potential damage to this beautiful area!

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