6 thoughts on “Las Vegas Blue

    1. John Post author

      Thanks Sue!

      I am going to have a change of venue perhaps sometime later this year, not sure yet. My father has decided to sell our family business that’s been ours since the late 1960’s.

      Long story short and omitting certain specific things, I will be able to have a home in Florida that I’ve wanted all along. I do love this city. But I have family in Florida still and having lived there before, I am totally good with moving when the time comes. Life is a winding road, we have to flex with the bends.

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      1. Sue Slaght

        Oh John good for you to have such a flexible attitude. One never knows how the journey of life goes and where the path will take us. Do keep us posted and we send very best wishes to you as this plays out.

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        1. John Post author

          Thank you Dave and Sue! I am actually surprised at my own response to this news. I consider Florida my true ‘other’ home. Follow the Palm trees! 😬😎🌴🌴

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