8 thoughts on “Summerlin Parkway

    1. John Post author

      Thank you Sue! I hope your both well. Great post on the Pandas! Recently, I had considered moving to Florida but am staying put here. We have zero hurricanes and tornadoes! I lost a home and car there years ago….

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      1. Sue Slaght

        Oh well that’s good news for us as we are certainly in Vegas more often than Florida. I hope it’s not been too stressful to decide. I didn’t know about your loss previously so can totally understand why you wouldn’t want to return.

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        1. John Post author

          Thanks Sue. I had a good chat with dad about this too. I got the sense that he wanted me to move back there but I explained why I’ve chosen to stay on the west coast. It’s ultimately my choice. When the next Cane blows over Florida this year I’ll be happy to still be in the Mojave Desert.

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