Why My Apartment Sucks

The rent was not raised at my request before signing the new one year lease. Imagine the wonder of seeing this bullshit whenever you look outside. My rent should be further reduced. So then why did I take this completely shitty apartment? Divorce. (the bin was last emptied a week ago).


Out of the blue I received a text from the now ex wife stating she wanted out. Fine, your out. My life is better now, thank you. Except for the wonderful home I gave up in Michigan. Needed a place fast, had to grab this shitty view. Marriage sucks, and so do I for being foolish.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been in the main office complaining about this garbage. It will be a beautiful and wondrous day when I can once again have my own home, uncluttered by this festering pile of rot. Thank you, Marriage and thank you, poor apartment management.

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    • Thank you Kelly! I’m so frustrated with this situation. The area isn’t too bad but I do worry for my new truck, it’s my baby LOL! That bin full of crap sickens me. Hope to purchase a home this year, can’t happen fast enough.


  1. That’s shitty. Weren’t you moving to Florida, or did I misunderstand?

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    • It’s totally shitty and is FINALLY cleaned up. The two guys doing the work were less than happy. Some lazy idiots that were moving out dumped a huge amount as you can see. Morons. You did not misunderstand. I decided to stay put in Las Vegas as we don’t have tornados or hurricanes. Low humidity, mild climate year round. No ocean, but oh well. I lost a home and car in 1993 in that state Rebekah, a sour memory.

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      • Yeah, too many bugs also!!! I don’t want to go back there and now my cousin is dead anyway. Can’t you go home to Michigan?

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        • I can go back up there but just don’t want to – it’s far too cold for me now after living in the Mojave Desert for five years as of June. No Florida either, Hurricanes and Tornadoes. I’m staying put here! 🌴🌞🌵

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  1. Apartment Life – Las Vegas Photoblog

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