Why does this meager blog have so few followers? Perhaps I am the only one who notices and gives a crap but I will tell you why. It has nothing to do with my photography. I’ve never claimed to be a professional photographer. My work isn’t professional level but it’s not total crap either and I am proud of it. It’s a darn good thing that I am not blogging for the numbers.

Last month I went through every one of my followers which took an entire evening. The follower number went from 220 to less than 100. Why? Because I removed the Businesses. Not everyone would agree with me on this but there is a big difference between Legitimate blogs and Illegitimate blogs, businesses being the later. All these site owners are looking for is free advertising.

A little insight here: I completely despise any form of advertising these days because from my perspective, advertising takes so much away from the blogging experience and other such as television and radio. In fact, for me it destroys the experience. Seeing those huge ads on WordPress blogs is a total distraction that you have to scroll waaaay down to get past some of them.

That said, sorry business folk but not at my expense. It has become a daily routine now for me to go to the Followers page and sift through the most recent followers to extract and dispose of the garbage. This can be time consuming if not done at the least, every two days. Some will re-follow only to be removed again, then they stop the nonsense. Hence I want to believe that my followers are all Legitimate from my perspective. Businesses are warned on the Subscribe and Contact pages.

This is why in part, why Las Vegas Photoblog has so few followers…


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  1. Well I follow you, John! Cher xo

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  2. The business followers get nothing from me, so I leave them there. I followed your advice some two years ago and started paying to have Photobooth Journal ad free. My other (neglected) blogs still have advertising. It took me a long time to realise that the fee I pay only covered one blog!

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    • Am I being too harsh on the Business thing? I hope you see no ads on my site.

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      • No ads. 🙂 I’m sometimes shocked at the intrusiveness and size of the ads on other blogs.

        I wouldn’t have thought to pay to get mine removed as I didn’t know it was possible until I read one of your posts on the subject.

        I don’t think you are being too harsh, but I do have some followers who are businesses who pop in and occasionally comment or like my posts. You may be missing out on some readers, then again you may not.

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  3. I do the same thing: remove the ‘business’ followers. Most are not businesses, they are spammers. Some are narcissistswith their ‘hey look at me, I know the secrets of the world and have to tell you whether you want to hear it or not’ excuses for blogs. Some of them re-follow. One persistent guy (who is one of the above but seems fairly harmless despite it) has refollowed so many times that, for now, I’ve just let him remain.

    John, I’ve been blogging on and off since 2004 and I can tell you that the best way to find followers is to comment in other people’s blogs. Comment, comment,comment – but make sure it’s only in blogs you enjoy.


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