Ambient WX Station

A very portable hand-held weather (WX) station. It will take a few days to figure out the specifics of operating this fun little portable weather station. Often times I have wondered what the specific wind speed and other data are at my specific location during our famous wind storms. I’m currently using the device inside, it registers the same exact temperature within .2 percent or so of my much older, fixed weather station. If I ever get an actual home, I want to install a full base station system. I’ve been a weather nut for years, are you too?

Visit the Ambient website here.

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4 replies

  1. What a good idea John!

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    • Hi Karen, I’ve had fun testing this device against my much older Acurite system. They are so close in terms of temperatures but the new hand-held device goes far beyond the old system. I can’t recall precisely when I purchased the older system but it’s basic and still works. Perhaps built in America.

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  2. Cool. I used to teach Weather and Climate. I would buy one if I had a house.

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