Heat Damage

My apartment complex is around twenty years old and as you can see, years of the early morning sun have warped and melted this frame around the window glass. Also, sometimes I lean over the steel railing around the patio and it stings your skin! I grabbed the Laser thing I use to check food temperatures while cooking which revealed this railing was at 115 degrees, wow! Sometimes the Stucco on the exteriour walls also reaches around 115 degrees too. Las Vegas Valley living… If you have extra rain in your area, please send us some!

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  1. No thanks! We occasionally get temperatures in the low 100s, but 80s-90s are more typical of the dreary hot season.

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    • Dreary aye? You prefer the winters? I retired last summer but for a portion of that summer I was working in the heat. Inside a steel building in the NW corner of the valley that had nothing more than shitty Swamp Coolers. Heat! 😡


  2. And now we have added wind
    I hope it doesn’t get to bad or stay long. I hate making the cats stay inside or having dirt blow in the cat door.


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