Hate and Christians

no-brainRecently I’ve been amazed and disgusted by the number of or level of, hatred being spewed at President Trump on Instagram. People I never would have suspected of having such putrid opinions and thoughts about a sitting president have now made their way into my little corner of Instagram. I don’t have a problem with unfollowing people on Instagram or WordPress for this bullshit. I hope this never happens on WordPress…

As much as I was and still am sickened by the Obama presidency, I never, ever would wish any ill upon this man and his family for what I see as his many misdeeds while in the Oval Office. Such is not my place. Such is within the domain of the Lord, after all, he is still in charge, always has been, always will be. That said, we can’t easily change the minds of others, but we can easily cast our vote with the Unfollow button.

It’s disturbing to me to see such vitriol spew coming from Christians… But nobody’s perfect right?

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