Tivoli Village

I hadn’t intended to stop by Tivoli Village and look around today, I was across the road at the liquor store and was just looking at the place across the way and thought – why not be spontaneous. I hadn’t been there since I was married. Today’s walk was a much more relaxed experience, topped off with a delicious turkey sandwich lunch. I had the Nikon with me as usual but for this shoot, the 70-300mm was just too much lens so I made the best of it. I’ve several more photos coming from Tivoli today.

I am very glad I went today, there is a wonderful photo framing and art store that I fell in love with right away! And another store that sells big dollar indoor and outdoor furniture. Sorry, I don’t recall the business’ names! Should I have my own home again someday here in Las Vegas, I will certainly be visiting these businesses for indoor and outdoor furniture. It’s hovering around 111 degrees today with excessive heat warnings in place. Yeah man, I was sweating hard but it was good! Summer in Las Vegas.

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  1. looks beautiful John. That is hot hot hot!!

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    • It sure is Lisa! I have 105 outside my apartment just now. It’s not so bad though if you drink drink drink water, m and step inside a store or somewhere cool for a couple minutes. The coolest place around though is Mount Charleston. Always much cooler up there in summer high above the desert floor.

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  2. Where and what is that? Never been there.

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