Lake Las Vegas

I took an early drive today to get the hell outta this little apartment and headed toward Lake Las Vegas. I also stopped by the little Marinas at Lake Mead so I have some photos coming from there too tonight or tomorrow. It was 109 degrees at the “beach” as it is called at Lake Mead. It’s really rocky and not much sand. Odd since this is the Mojave Desert! But it’s not unusual for that temperature out there, sunburn and heat stroke anyone?

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  1. Beautiful shots! I like the roadrunner. 109 degrees!!!! Too hot. Can we just fast forward to the fall? It is is supposedly going to be 108 here (Texas) on Friday. Just nope!
    Keep up the great work!

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    • Thanks so much Jennifer! The Roadrunner was a fun surprise, I don’t see them around town of course, and they really do run so fast. I assume you have them in Texas? The heat and very dry atmosphere is actually one of the reasons my now ex and I chose to move here. From Michigan. I’ll be staying on. 😎🌵🌴


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