The Original Microsoft Crew

This is the original cast and crew that started the Microsoft corporation. I’m sorry about this, I truly am. Everyone should use Apple products, they are vastly superior to the ridiculous operating system created by Microbrain. I mean Microsoft. How terribly rude and pompous ass of me!

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  1. As a tech who works with both to fix them (I used to build my own computers) I think Apple is a user unfriendly platform. Their devices are over priced, inflexible and a they operate as a closed boxes. I love my Windows gamer PC and Galaxy 8 phone. I can use more apps without paying premium prices. With a more open platform there is a cost, occasionally incompatibility may result. Easy to fix by removing the item. The new Apple phone is not superior. The camera and how apps are managed is better on the new Galaxy. I find that most folks who use Apple do not know where their files actually reside. This created huge problems in file management. Can you be a little more specific as to why you prefer Apple and hate Microsoft?


  2. Microsoft systems are so slow and sluggish. They are full of viruses, not nearly as many viruses are found in Apple systems. It’s just an inferior system. I’ve dumped them years ago and have enjoyed Apple ever since. Yes they cost more, but in this case, you do get what you pay for. The IOS devices have no file system like others do but this isn’t an issue for me. The speed and dependability of Apple is well worth the money. A couple years ago I bought a non-Apple laptop just to try it again. I gave it away to my then- bosses daughter.


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