CPAP Head Shot

About one month ago I had to replace my CPAP mask as the old one was just worn out. So the ‘new’ mask went back to the store where I get my supplies yesterday, I replaced the old one (at no charge) with this full-face mask as the other one was leaking terribly and actually gave me a bad spot on my skin, directly under my nose! Damn that sucks and its terribly sore!

For no apparent reason I decided to grab the iPhone and try getting a photo of me wearing the new full-face mask. What do you think? Isn’t this ridiculous! I’ve had to wear a mask since 2011 as my Sleep Apnea became so bad that I was keeping the now ex wife up all night. I ran this photo through iColorama and also made a black and white version. I look like an alien!

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  1. A good photo! Yes, you do look like an alien. Mind you however that Sleep Apnea is no joke.

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    • Thanks! I have a compromised heart, I suspect the Apnea has added to the problem over many years. I will always insist that someone with sleep apnea start wearing a mask at night. They are a hassle and very costly but well worth the effort and expense. It’s better than being six foot under the Earth.

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  2. An Alien? I wouldn’t go that far. I’m sorry about the sore on your nose.

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