Month: Sep 2018

Vegas Born

Not me though, I’m a native Michigander! The official NHL hockey season starts in just there or so days now. I’m excited to see the games begin! Are you cheering your favourite hockey team on this year too?

The North End

Looking East from the West side of Las Vegas Valley. You can always be sure that if the Stratosphere Tower is to the left, your looking East, the reverse is true of course. It’s kind of tough to get lost… Read More ›

What Are You?

I don’t know what kind of bird this is so I tried to find something through my new search engine (not google!) and all I found basically were articles about how ‘climate change’ is ‘taking down’ birds in the Mojave… Read More ›

Peekaboo Bird

In Calico Basin at the Red Spring parking area you will find some shaded picnic tables which is where this bird was photographed. There were bird families under each of the three shades, the chics and parent birds chirping can… Read More ›

Cell Company Ripoffs

Have you ever suspected that some of the great offers these big cell carriers put on the boob toob and radio are false as hell in some way? Me too. This stupid crap is precisely why I’ve kept my iPhone… Read More ›

Las Vegas Beauty

One of the many things I love about this city is how well groomed many areas of the city are. Coming from my native Michigan countryside in 2013, this was a shocker because the countryside just isn’t well groomed! Corn… Read More ›