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  1. It’s an environment people either “get” or hate and drive on. I live in a similar environment and love it the same way you do. Perhaps that is why I enjoy your sensitive (and beautiful!) photos as much as I do.

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    • Wow, thank you Doug! Your very kind. I agree, it’s not that different from living in Florida with the humidity – it weeds out the wanna-be’s. Summer is brutally hot here! But the climate year round is beautiful, and those mountains!!

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      • Any place can be heaven on earth if you see it for what it is, faults and all. Though I handle heat poorly (that would be the killer for me living where you do), I also remember how lovely it was when I drove through a couple times on my way to visit family on the West Coast. You take photos that bring back that beauty I remember fondly! (We drove through in October in a car without AC. Ugh! Definitely could have been worse. The next time driving through, the car had AC, and it was more tolerable.)


  2. They obviously love the view as well! 🙂

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