Advertising on Instagram

Not that the world gives a royal crap about this, but I am slowly heading toward closing my Instagram account because of the advent of advertising on the site. It was so wonderful before this started. Now, I see ads far too often when scrolling along to see what the people I follow are up to. I despise advertising in any form.

The ads are disruptive, ugly, annoying and seriously take away from the Instagram experience. This totally sucks for me, as you can see here that I seriously love photography in it’s different forms. Thanks, Instagram for ruining a wonderful website. Oh, that’s right, Facebook owns Instagram. There is the main problem! FB sucks big time, Mr. Suckerburg. Facebook-crash and burn. Thanks to my followers for allowing me to vent.

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2 replies

  1. I don’t use Instagram but I agree with you about ads. I hate them too.


  2. I like Facebook but can live with out Instagram. Unless it’s business oriented, people are just to vain.


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