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  1. I was reading your post the other day about Followers. How do I edit mine? Thanks

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    • What I do is in the Admin Area, on the left side of the page all the way to the top, I click My Site. Another sidebar will pop out. Scan down to People and click it. Then, click Followers. At that point, I can review each follower individually. Several weeks ago, I spent several hours going through the followers. Turns out, far too many were just businesses that do not give a shit about your blog. They are all gone but there have been two that have persisted. They keep reflowing, I keep kicking them out. They seem to be giving up recently. I have to check this crap twice a day or so. It’s the only way to keep these idiots away.


      • Thank You. I deleted quite a few, but I can see where you would have to keep on top of it. Businesses don’t bother me; I mean, they Follow me, I don’t Follow them.

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        • I see your point and understand. My perspective comes from a strong dislike for any type of advertising when it comes to internet, TV or Radio. Advertising in any form takes away the enjoyment of the media you intend to view in a very bad way. Hence, I go after these people / companies.


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