The WordPress Editor is Changing

Based on this article, our experience with will change. If I am wrong on this, please feel free to correct me, but I don’t like this. I never used the “new and improved” version anyway. Will this push people off of for good? Honestly, there are some things about that have always cranked me off but this might push me off for good if it’s true. I’ve never believed in the leadership of WordPress. They just come across as flaky and unsure of their corporate decisions.

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  1. Forgive me but that article was written gibberish to me. All I get is WordPress may change and become more confusing. If it does, I may go back to LiveJournal or another blogging platform. I will try to keep the Followers I have made friends with.


  2. I always balk at changes here, but generally find I like them after the early failures figuring them out. It’s the early failures, the frustration of relearning how to do simple things that wears me out. As for the article, it’s a bit (a lot!) too technical for me, but I might try another struggle to better understand the implications later.

    I think Authoress51 meant the article you linked to, not what you wrote.


  3. I am the one who don’t want any change!!!! I am happy with this one. When they make changes I am being confused and can’t use as before. I get used to my wordpress….. It’s been something problem while I am making a new post, but then I go to the old form and works good. What’s happening I don’t know, but technicians should be working for new forms or upgrades… Then I recieved an e-mail from WP they offer me
    20% off any upgraded WordPress.​com plan.But till tomorrow evening. Actually I am happy as I said, with my wordpress…. By the way I hope we are talking same thing.

    Thank you dear John, Love, nia

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    • Thank you Nia for your comment. I must agree with you, I too do not like change. I have read about this new editor on different sites on the internet, some love it, others don’t for various reasons. If this editor, when finally forced upon us, really stinks then it may run me off of WP for good. There are other options but many are not so good, and lack the wonderful sense of community that WP has had for many years.

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  4. I’m not sure what to think about it all John. Hoping it won’t be too painful.

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