Test Photos

Not much time for photography today really as I’ve been taking care of some personal things, and did a full clean on my apartment and truck. That poor truck hasn’t had a proper cleaning in months since Las Vegas summers are so bloody hot, but cars and trucks don’t really get dirty here like they do up north.

That coupled with my heart disease makes it dangerous for me to be in the heat for too long. That said, I need to go through the new camera thoroughly to get to know the proper settings. It’s simpler than the Nikon of course but I will get this figured out so I can give the camera a decent first run, say in the desert.

Or perhaps on the Strip? This camera is nothing like I am used to using, it’s more a camera that a tourist might stuff in their pocket whilst enjoying their time on the Las Vegas Strip. If I can get some decent photos for this site with a smaller camera, then why not? Honestly, I love my Nikon but it’s a big body camera…

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