Sony RX100 Photos, The First Set

So today I decided to hit the Apple Store in Downtown Summerlin to resolve a technical issue with my iPhone. It was showing a really old email address that used to be my Apple ID, but I just couldn’t find a workaround to change the email address. My other two devices came through the changes fine. Long story short, I ended up on my phone chatting with Apple Support. After about thirty minutes, these smart folks got my phone and I back on track. Apple has always had the best customer service in my experience.

This one seemingly simple issue stems from my recent complete and total dumping of that monster called Google. They’ll still get ya some way I suppose, but I dumped my Gmail email and dumped that damned search engine which tracks every single thing ya do and blasts ads up your bum. Eat shit, Google. My chosen replacement email service is only $30.00 per year, is super fast and has zero ads and does NOT track you.

Anyway, I was already in Downtown Summerlin, so why not give the new little Sony RX100 a proper shakedown? I snapped almost one hundred photos this morning, here is the first set. I really must say that I am extremely impressed with this little pocket camera so far. It’s ease of use, a smaller, simpler menu system are huge bonuses, and the image quality easily rivals the Nikon in my view. More comments later.

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3 replies

  1. That looks like a cool place to walk. Is it an outdoor mall?

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    • This is Downtown Summerlin, along the 215 freeway between Sahara and Charleston Boulevards. It’s an outdoor shopping are with great stores and restaurants. Love it.


  2. Stunning shots John… I love the images the camera produces. I am a Canon user and to be honest my DSLR is getting to heavy with arthritic hands… and was thinking about getting a point and shoot. Just one question, does it shoot RAW or jpeg only?


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