New Site Updates

Thanks for reading this –  today I made several small changes to this site that some may not notice or give a crap about. What’s changed?

  • Removed the white dotted main BG then took an RGB colour code reading from the main header’s background. I determined the base colour, then figured it’s Hex equivalent then used that slightly lighter colour as the site’s main BG colour.
  • The Featured Categories were changed on the left side of the page, and the number of them reduced. Looks better.
  • Changed the number of features within most of the Widgets on the right sidebar, hence shortening it up. Looks better.
  • Added the Sony RX100 Camera to the About Page.
  • Removed the Contact page as it has zero use except for the occasional solicitation.
  • Removed the Search Box widget from sidebar as there is already one up top the site.
  • Changed text from Subscribe! to Subscribe on the Subscribe page. ALL BUSINESS SUBSCRIPTIONS are aggressively removed, thereby keeping the Follower List to show actual bloggers, not businesses.

As I said, many changes that most folk would never notice or care about. LVPB was overdue for a few updates anyway. Happy weekend, friends. For my local friends, welcome to the cooler months in the valley. 🍻



6 replies

  1. As we make changes here and there I realize most people don’t notice and actually I kind of find it reassuring.Id like to do a bigger redesign but am concerned about crashing the whole thing. 🙂

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    • If you make big changes, back everything up first, especially since your a self-hosted platform. I’ve never, ever had good luck with your side of WordPress. I’m a small time blog anyway.


  2. Well done for making the effort.

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  3. I’m impressed that you actually got around to all that. I keep meaning to update my About page–it’s a mess, left from when I first started blogging. I’ve done nothing about it.

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