No Salt

If you’ve been following me for a bit then you know that I battle chronic high blood pressure. It’s a hell of a battle each day with monitoring and managing medications. In the grocery today, I made a conscious choice to purchase much more fruits and veggies. I didn’t even get the ingredients for my beloved chili!

Freaking ass sodium is everywhere man! In the Spices aisle, I chatted up a guy who was looking for something specific which led to sodium intake and high blood pressure. The man mentioned No Salt. OK, I’ve never heard of this stuff but hey, why not give it a go right? I thanked him for his information then headed for the checkout to pay for my goods, including that six or seven dollar container of No Salt.

Getting home, I gave the No Salt a try. So how is this stuff? Pretty good! The taste is much better than the faux salt in the small container by a good bit. Checking the ingredients list, I found the base ingredient identical, however, the manufacturer has added other goodies to enhance the taste, hopefully getting it closer to the real thing. Doesn’t it just suck it so bad that something so many humans love so much, is so horridly bad for us? The same goes for Sugar. Zero nutritional value.

Would I recommend this product to others with any level of high blood pressure? Hell yes!

Crappy photo, oops. 😎

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  1. John I haven’t used salt for almost 20 years. Spices can give things flavor, and after a while you don’t miss it at all. If anything you become super sensitized to things that have salt, like whenever I eat out (not often) Glad to hear you are trying out more fruits and veggies. You know to stick to berries in terms of glycemic index 🙂 Happy eating!

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    • Wow Lisa, that’s sooo cool, twenty years! I do have a few other spices but they likely have a bit of sodium. The darn stuff is in almost everything today. Processed foods are seriously full of salt. You always look so healthy and trim in your photos Lisa. ❤️

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      • Thanks John- it’s a constant struggle, especially as we get older! I have been gluten intolerant for a very long time, so that cut a lot of foods out. We eat mostly fresh food- nothing canned except for the beans I use in bean salad, and tomato sauce, which I try to find low sodium & no sugar. It just takes a little imagination to put things together, or roast up vegetables. Crock pot is great too- chicken, tomato paste, onions and peppers, and there’s a yummy meal when I get home from work!

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  2. Really appreciate your post, John! I also have hypertension and food seems tasteless as times but then restaurant food is loaded with sodium so can’t find the right fit. Will try both yours and Lisa’s suggestion. MZ

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    • That’s great, I hope you too find this an acceptable alternative. The other day, I purchased a bag of lower sodium potato chips. Every time I opened that cupboard door, I felt guilty. They went in file 13 this morning. The battle is on, the battle is real!! 💪🏻

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