Planter’s Peanuts

I really love peanuts and always have but these days, I can only eat the Unsalted version. Damed high blood pressure! So my cupboards were looking rather empty the last few days so off I go to the grocer. What do I find out front of the store? Mr. Peanut’s motorhome! So cool man. The folks were doing promotions of course, when walking away I had a huge grin on my face which a woman eating her lunch quickly caught, and returned my smile. So fun! I purchase the off-brands as they are cheaper but still give John his peanut fix.

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  1. As a dialysis patient, peanuts are proscribed because of high potassium – or it might be phosphorus – content. Never mind. I eat peanut butter and peanuts in moderation anyway. Whichever element it is that makes them a “no-no” doesn’t show up on my monthly blood analysis as out of control, so I get away with the level I consume. Of course, I always confess to eating these forbidden foods just so I can hear the doctor say something like, “Well, apparently you are keeping it within an acceptable level.”

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