A WordPress Anniversary

To my surprise, I received this notification late today from WordPress.com in my Admin panel telling me that I registered with them seven years ago today. Well, I knew I’d been on WordPress.com for several years now but wow! I also had two self-hosted WordPress sites several years ago in Michigan, and about Michigan. Thanks, WordPress. On a different but related note, have any of you tried the not yet fully released Gutenberg software that they are working on? I almost did twice but. Change and I are not such good friends these days.

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  1. 🙂 A happy seventh blogging anniversary to you.

    I have experimented with the Gutenberg Editor and the experience was a disastrous one.

    However, I am willing to give the Gutenberg Editor another try.

    We might as well learn how to use it since it is going to be WordPress’s new Editor.

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  2. I haven’t tried it yet John. Basically playing ostrich with my head in the sand. I best get at it though.
    Congratulations on seven years!

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  3. Please Stay and don’t get that seven year itch, or ache.

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  4. Congratulations. Time does fly when you are having fun. I can’t agree with you more on the Gutenberg. Like you I took a look and am hesitating because I only just got the hang of using what I currently have and just don’t want to change right now 😂. I guess they will have to force it on me, then I can’t do nothing about it.🤣🤣

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  5. Happy Anniversary dear John, it is so nice to know you. Thanks and Love, nia


  6. Congrats on the 7 years. I first started blogging here in 2009 but had a break for a few years in which I thought I didn’t want to blog again. How wrong I was! Yes, I very recently tried the Gutenberg editor (on a test blog) and hated it, but mostly because each block has its own taskbar and I found it too distracting. It seems that it may still be possible to use the old editor even when Gutenberg is officially here, see the staff reply on this forum post: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/information-on-gutenberg-implementation/ but if that becomes impossible, I will have to reconsider using this site. I think I’ll still want to blog but where, I’ve no idea. The older I get, the more difficult I find understanding and learning new technology. I’d self-host but have never really been able to get to grips with all the stuff that’s needed.

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  7. Awesome, John! Huge congratulations! You are one of my favs of course! Cher xo

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  8. Congratulations John…💐💐💐

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