Not Much of a Beach!

Following from the last posts, a different view of Lake Mead. It hasn’t been at full pond since the 1980’s.

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  1. Boulder Beach, surprised there weren’t more boaters out there on the lake. During season, one can wait up to 2 hours to launch their boat. As the water recedes, the launch ramps are constantly being moved. “They” say that once the California straws are are finished they are going to release Lake Powell in Utah to help Lake Mead. We’ve been waiting. Now it’s a 2020 date?

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  2. I remember the name now, thanks! We need massive snow in the Rockies but it’s not happening obviously. I’d never wait two hours to launch. They’ve been moved waaaaay down to where new ramps were built, then they stopped that. It’s really terrible.


  3. Well, I just don’t think Pond Mead has the same ring to it, so I hope someone does something. Wait, maybe Mead Pond, that might work.

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