Flying Police

Last night was the newest edition to the bullshit going on in this complex. About six months ago the bullshit started with a very nasty crime being committed outside my apartment. About one week ago, a man was pistol-whipped and robbed – out front. Now we have the shit going down last night, Metro was driving through the complex, and the police were in the air too, circling  the complex. My best guess is that a fugitive was on the run and Metro was in hot pursuit, all lights on. Apparently the scum of the valley is migrating.

Honestly, I seriously do not like writing disparaging comments about my adopted city but I feel the need to share this and express my disbelief and anger for those who choose directly to not live by the rules and laws of decent society. There are laws for a reason and there are jails and prisons for these despots to live in.

At public expense of course. I believe the reason America has had an ever increasing Prison Industry for years is that America is far too soft on crime, hence the problem gets worse year after year. Are there really any serious penalties besides crooks being fed, housed and allowed to perpetuate the evil they do?

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  1. This is happening everywhere now! even the decent places I grew up in Southern, California

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    • I have no doubt of that. I’ve been in this area over two years and have watched it slide down the toilet bad in the last six months. So glad to be moving soon.


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