This Totally Sucked…

As some of you know, my home was recently painted inside from top to bottom, front to back. This was an absolutely terrible experience with the company I hired! I have a folder on the Mac containing several photos of **** up’s this company made, too many to chat about in this space without raising my already chronic high blood pressure. Most of them were things I could actually repair myself but others, no way such as the painted floor behind the gas drier in the laundry room.

I had mind to call the dipshit owner who made the bid for the job. Also, I was told that the garage floor would be power washed the same day as they finished, or the next day. Three days on, it finally was completed but not before my calling said owner to see when the hell they would be out to finish the work. The bastard told me that “I need to start answering my phone”, as the guys were trying to contact me to be sure I will be home. During that call, the bastard actually started an argument with me!

Brilliant man, isn’t he? This is a surefire way to guarantee your company will go out of business. Moron! I hung up on the idiot. Later that day, I received a call from the crew, they were on the way to clean the garage floor finally. On arrival, one crew guy told me that the owner had given him the wrong number. No shit, Sherlock. I refused any conversation with these guys, calling the entire experience “totally ****ing ludicrous!”

I hope that asshole loses his business as in my view, people like him simply do not deserve to be a business owner for lack of proper skills working with the public, and an obvious love of fighting with people. I thought I had researched this company adequately but I was so wrong. On a positive note, I’ve finally got the windows completed inside and out among other things, and a nice barbecue in the back yard now, time to grille some steaks and burgers!

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  1. I’m Sorry. Sounds like my horrible Handyman experience. Glad you got the grill set up.

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    • Much more research must be done to hopefully have the best job possible done. I could have done more research. Still it’s zero excuse to argue with a customer. The guy is a moron. Lost my business permanently.


  2. I’m sorry the owner seems absolutely unprofessional and your being angry is quite justified but I’m glad about the progress you’ve made and the blunders you’ve undone.

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