Navigating The Big City

As I have mentioned before in this space, traffic in Las Vegas is heavy and on the increase with many people moving here as I did. I’ve had to learn how to drive in big city traffic and am comfortable with this now, it was a shock coming from a place where your biggest worry on the road was deer and black ice. I like my new city life after being here six years!

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5 replies

  1. Cool shot. I hope you were stopped when you took this.


  2. Also coming from a tine east coast town, with one stop sign, arriving this this GREAT BIG CITY, with ALL the traffic speeding EVERYWHERE, I agree John, took some getting used to. (Now in the Moapa Valley, ONE stop sign, MUCH less traffic…ahhhhhhh)

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  3. I think I would prefer the empty roads that we have, than have to suffer that traffic. My commute to work takes ten minutes and is seven mile away. Lol

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