Let’s Get a Terrible Lube Job!

Such a smart name for a business. Terrible’s is a petrol station, carwash and so on which I detest for two reasons – the stupid ass name, and the fact that these morons card every. single. person. Regardless of age, they ask for your ID to purchase alcohol.

For a bit it was novel but in time I got to the point that I sent the company a rather unfriendly email stating that I will no longer purchase anything whatsoever from their stores. And I’ve stood by that decision firmly. I hope that at some point this company will get a clue.

Don’t punish every customer that comes through the door with this bullshit. Don’t make me pay for the lack of brains and the criminal minds that steal alcohol or try to purchase it illegally. I am not responsible for the actions of others, nor will I be punished for the ignorance of others.

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