Hella Bruise!

Two days ago I had a rather nasty slip-and-fall in the kitchen. Never any real pain at all, but the bruise is hella-big! Why? Because I’ve been taking 81mg Low Dose aspirin every day since 2002. Yes, that’s why. My blood is incredibly thin which explains the dizziness and other stuff. This one will be a long time vanishing!

19 thoughts on “Hella Bruise!

    • Thanks, me too! It’s already turning that odd yellow color meaning the healing has begun. What a stupid accident!

  1. Oh dear John, sorry to hear this, I know it takes time… be fine, be careful always, always… Love, nia

    • Thanks Lisa. I was in front of the kitchen sink doing dishes, wearing socks. The floor was apparently slick… There is no carpet in my home except for the master bedroom closet, a big walk-in. This one will be a long time going away…

      • I am terrified of wet floors, and the only time I wear socks is if they have treads on the bottom- Bombas makes them. Otherwise it’s shoes and slippers with soles. Stay safe and you can watch it change colors as it heals, green to yellow until it fades away <3

        • Thank you Lisa! I’ve had socks with treading, I should consider a purchase. Bombas. It’s already begun to yellow a skosh, only on the edges at the moment. Our bodies are so amazing. πŸ™πŸ»

    • Thanks! I’m actually kinda miffed with myself on this one, just an unguarded moment is all it takes man… Grrrrr! 😑

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