A Baby Mediterranean Fan Palm

This little Med Fan was planted the other day as part of the back yard rehab. One photo shows how large this tree can grow, and they grow fast too. Soon after pruning, they will begin to sprout Pups as they are called. Since my drip system is now fully repaired, I know it will be properly watered along with four new bushes and the existing Mexican Fan Palms too. What is it with water? Water makes miracles happen every day!

6 thoughts on “A Baby Mediterranean Fan Palm

    • I’m going to try, Donna. I have a really good landscaping company and tree service I can call if I/they run amuck!

  1. Oh what a cute plant. We have no palm trees over here (they wouldn’t survive winter) so I basically love all palm trees, as they remind me of holidays in warm places. 😀

    • Warm indeed! Compared to other parts of the States right now, we are balmy at a sunny 68 degrees! 😎🙏🏻🌴🌵

      • Ehhh… Meanwhile, we’ve been stuck in ice age since… I don’t even remember when, it feels like summer was centuries ago.

        • It’s been a harsh winter up north for people here too. My kiddies back in Michigan don’t seem to mind it… Stay warm my friend. 😎❤️

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